Efficient system
for pallet exchange
among carriers

Solution for shipping companies that relieves from pallet exchange and significantly saves costs and time.

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Where GOPALL helps?

You have contracted a freight transportation with pallet exchange from Liverpool to Birmingham.

What GOPALL has to offer?

Saved money is not the only and indisputable benefit, we also think about people and emission.

Costs saving

No more useless transportation of empty pallets.

Simple accounting

No invoices and payments for pallets. Pay only for active use of GOPALL.

Sophisticated logistics

An efficient way of pallet exchange among carriers.

Secure transfers

Every pallet, which is handed over is covered by credit. Credit detail is available online anytime.

Relieving drivers

Less of unnecessary manipulation of empty pallets.

Emissions reduction

Fewer miles driven with empty palets brings less emission.

Who can benefit from GOPALL?


Solution for load capacity blockage and transportation of empty pallets.

and trading companies

Solution for pallet shortage during peak or growth periods.

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